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Gary Scott of the Football Academy shares his experience in Legends

Legends Football App

22 April, 2018

AFA and Legends together for young people training One more week, in Legends we cross the borders again. This time it was to interview Gary Scott, director of instruction at the AFA Football Academy. Download Legends, the… Read more »

Esther Gómez from Levante UD: the footballer joins the Legends app

Esther Gomez en Legends App

17 April, 2018

Soccer. Every day, women’s soccer is getting more fans and, along the same path, the app of the moment: Legends. Quite an achievement for both. From the Legends team we want to remind you that this is also… Read more »

Héctor Escolano from Aspe UD is already in the Legends team

Hector Escolano in Legends App

15 April, 2018

Legends continues to sign the best goalkeepers. Goalkeepers are a fundamental part of the team and without them we would often throw our hands to our heads. In Legends we do not forget the daily work… Read more »

Tamará shares his experience as a coach in Legends

The Mister and Legends.

13 April, 2018

The Mister and Legends. In Legends we continue to interview those people who love soccer, in order to grow and learn a little more each day. The global junior teams app is beginning to interview coaches…. Read more »

Promises like Nicolás Linares from Ciudad del Fútbol are already in Legends

Nicolas Linares

10 April, 2018

The interviews of the moment in Legends. Awesome. This is the new signing we have made for our Legends team. But it is still more impressive when that ‘kid’ understands this sport as we understand it… Read more »

Legends and DERSgroup togheter for the future of the youngest

Legends App

7 April, 2018

DERSgroup bets on Legends. Legends does not stop growing thanks to the thousands of people who want to put a “legend” in their life. That personalized player card that awakens the interest of many young people and… Read more »

Player Natasha Gavilán of RCD Espanyol is already in Legends

Natasha Gavilan in Legends

5 April, 2018

Legends is also women’s soccer. In Legends we do not stop adding young stars to our soccer junior team. The first junior team soccer App has caught the attention of Natasha Gavilán, player of RCD Espanyol…. Read more »

Legends interviews Quique Martínez coach of UD Aldaia CF

3 April, 2018

The goalkeepers, one of the fundamental pieces of Legends. The Legends team understands soccer as a way of life. Therefore, not only focuses on interviewing players but also those people who form them and those who learn on… Read more »

Legends and the SQH Agency together for football junior teams

31 March, 2018

Collaborations continue with Legends. We continue with good news from Legends team, our network of collaborators does not stop growing every day. The app of the moment has reached an agreement with the Agency of Representation SQH. The… Read more »

Iván Lamuela of CF Damm is the new signing of the Legends team

28 March, 2018

The player has 900 followers in Legends. The Legends team has been impressed when they have seen the number of followers one of their users reaches. We are talking about Iván Lamuela, player of the CF Damm,… Read more »

Ceci Muñoz from Arenys de Mar brings the referee world to Legends

25 March, 2018

Legends: the first global soccer junior team app. Ceci Muñoz (1997) was born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) on June 30. With her 20 years, she lives in Arenys de Mar (Barcelona). Soccer is possible thanks to… Read more »

Legends and Manager Soccer Total reach a collaboration agreement

23 March, 2018

Legends continues growing up thanks to collaborations. Legends continues betting on the projection of the young promises. The first global network of soccer junior teams has reached a collaboration agreement with Manager Soccer  Total in order to… Read more »

Justin Trigo from Ole SC Los Angeles joins the Legends team

20 March, 2018

More “legends” in Legends. In Legends we cross borders again and we arrive to Los Angeles, CA. Little players who have, little promises. This time the protagonist is Justin Trigo, player of Ole SC Los Angeles…. Read more »

Legends and Palencia International Junior College share a passion

18 March, 2018

Legends was born with a goal in the field. The first global network soccer junior teams wants to connect players and clubs. Step by step Legends is getting it. Download Legends, the first worldwide soccer junior team… Read more »

Sarah Coomson from Women’s Premier League is already in Legends

16 March, 2018

More interviews, more Legends. Legends continues to bet on its international players. This time it is the turn of a future star who plays in the Women’s Premier League. Impressive to take field. Download Legends, the first… Read more »

CD Tonín: a club of values that great players have gone through

14 March, 2018

CD Tonín: A new collaboration for Legends, the app of the moment. In Legends each of us loves soccer, but today many people do not associate this sport with passion and hobby. In the current soccer… Read more »

Ethan Aquilina from CF Westpoint is the Australian “legend”

13 March, 2018

The soccer junior team of Australia. In Legends we cross the borders again and we go back to Australia. Small players who have, little promises. This time the protagonist is Ethan Aquilina who plays in the… Read more »

Rubén López from AD Calasanz joins the app of the moment: Legends

12 March, 2018

Soccer: a lifestyle. In Legends we did not stop for a moment and we continued to interview future soccer stars. We can not express in words the passion that moves soccer. But we bring you great… Read more »

Legends and Sporting de Xirivella together for the projection of young people

10 March, 2018

Encouraging future promises of soccer junior teams. In March comes loaded with good news and interviews that will leave you with your mouth open. From Legends we have reached a visibility agreement with the Sporting Xirivella… Read more »

#Girls Power from Futmenina join Legends. Hurrah March 8th! 

8 March, 2018

Woman’s Day: March 8th. Legends’ Team dedicate this great day to them, the protagonists of Futmenina. Happy women’s day to all of them. But above all to those who every day strive for a more equal sport…. Read more »

Kristia Kouppi from the Apollon Ladies is another of the Legends internationals

6 March, 2018

Legends internationals in the First Women’s Division of Cyprus. We cross borders again to get nothing more and nothing less than Cyprus. Here a fantastic female soccer player awaits us who sees this sport as her… Read more »

Harper Marchant of Glen Eira is the international soccer player of Legends

5 March, 2018

Legends and its international players. Legends not only interviews national players. This time he has crossed borders and has come to Australia to run into a great player. The mini soccer player Harper Marchant of the… Read more »

Our player Iris Domínguez from CF Joventut is a “Legend”

2 March, 2018

Legends and women’s soccer. Fortunately, women’s soccer is getting the reputation it deserves. Legends that bets on women’s soccer does not stop interviewing great soccer players who are fighting for a passion and this sport. Iris… Read more »

Pablo Giner from Sollana CF is another of the signings of Legends

Pablo Giner - Legends

1 March, 2018

Players and coaches are already in Legends. We continue adding young stars to our Legends’ team. The worldwide application of soccer junior teams that borders on 60,000 downloads has caught the attention of the player Pablo Giner… Read more »

Player Alazne Garcés from CF Ardoi plays in Legends

Alazne Garcés

28 February, 2018

Say ‘yes’ to women’s soccer. Our team is full of soccer players. All a few cracks. Alazne Garcés is our CF Ardoi player from the town of Zizur, Navarra (Spain). Download Legends, the first junior teams soccer… Read more »

Legends and U.S.E America collaborate with the global soccer junior players

27 February, 2018

Carry on with Legends collaborations. For a soccer players to become a star, he must strive from the beginning, and the beginnings are in soccer junior teams. A lot of mini footballers dream every day to succeed at… Read more »

Iván Valderrama from Villarreal CF is already a ‘legend’

Iván Valderrama from Villarreal CF

26 February, 2018

The soccer of the province. The idea of ​​Legends was born in the province of Castellón, like our new “legend“. He is Iván Valderrama from Villarreal CF, player who has scored 12 goals this season 2017-18 with the… Read more »

David Solaz from CD Roda is one of the signings in Legends

24 February, 2018

Soccer: a lifestyle. Legends’ team does not stop growing and seeing great cards by the app. This time it was the case of David Solaz, CD Roda player. In this season 2017-2018, CD Roda player has… Read more »

Legends returns to the radio, this time in Managers World Soccer

22 February, 2018

Legends continues to gain a foothold in the media. Legends continues to be present in the MMCC. Every day the soccer app in training gets bigger. The news does not only occupy the spaces of the… Read more »

Paula Sánchez another player star in Legends

20 February, 2018

With Legends say yes to women’s soccer. Every day women’s soccer is getting more viewers and like Legends. Quite an achievement for both. But all this is due to them, the players who enjoy and live… Read more »

Iván Morcillo from Atlético de Madrid plays also in Legends

19 February, 2018

Legends and their young promises. Legends team has been amazed when they saw the Ivan Morcillo’s player card, Atlético de Madrid player. In this season 2017-2018, the Atletico de Madrid player has scored up to 25 goals and has… Read more »

Legends and Manager Deportivo together for soccer players evolution

18 February, 2018

All united by a passion: soccer. This past week of February Legends team reached an agreement with Manager Deportivo representative agency. The objective of this collaboration is to publicize both platforms in order to support the projection of… Read more »

Our player María López from CF Joventut is already in Legends

María López - Legends

16 February, 2018

Legends push for women’s soccer. Fortunately, women’s soccer is getting the reputation it deserves. Halfway through the month of February, Legends already has 50,000 downloads. And this is also due to them, the women’s soccer players…. Read more »

J. Consul Sports Management agency echoes Legends

13 February, 2018

Legends and J. Consul Sports Management together for soccer. Legends has caught the attention of the representative agency after its 50,000 downloads in the app. J. Consul Sports Management is a representative agency dedicated to the recruitment and advice… Read more »

Legends reaches 50,000 downloads in just three months

12 February, 2018

A feeling, a passion, a lifestyle. You can not imagine the joy that exists between the Legends team. We have worked like any soccer team, we have fought together day by day to achieve our goals. And… Read more »

Alejandro Ayuso CD Coslada player in Legends team

10 February, 2018

Legends for the future of the players. Alejandro Ayuso is another impressive soccer player who has joined the Legends App. In just three months, the junior player soccer app has achieved 50,000 downloads. A great success, like the… Read more »

Wesley Dual of CF Damm has thousands of followers in Legends

7 February, 2018

Legends and Wesley Dual together for one passion: soccer. App Legends´ team has been surprised when it has seen the number of followers that one of its users reaches. We speak about Wesley Dual, CF Damm… Read more »

Legends on Radio Nacional de España RNE

28 January, 2018

Legends with Patricia Costa in Tendencias. Legends continues to occupy the present in the media. Every day the soccer app in training gets bigger. It no longer only appears in print media and local televisions. Now they… Read more »

Legends and Sporting de Castelló together for the formation of the children

26 January, 2018

Legends bet on your future, do not hesitate. It seems that Legends starts the year with the batteries charged and bets on collaborations with soccer clubs. Last Thursday, 25 th January, the Legends team joined the Club… Read more »

Legends exceeds 35,000 downloads since its launch

22 January, 2018

Legends is a social network used by more than 35,000 people. From its release day, 11 th November, Legends captures the eyes of local, national and even international media. This time, Legends has been a protagonist in… Read more »

Legends and the Club Deportivo Carboneras Atlético together for the victory

20 January, 2018

Legends bets on the future of young people.   Legends, the first junior team soccer global network, continues with the aim of bringing positions closer to the different categories of the different clubs. This application is an… Read more »

Legends team rocks in the interview on Radio Marca

18 January, 2018

Create your player card in Legends. It seemed yesterday when Legends was launched in 16 countries around the world. After a couple of months dominating the ball, Legends has already appeared in the local, national and international media…. Read more »

Legends and Joventut Almassora CF together for women’s soccer

16 January, 2018

Legends shows the players’ talent. Step by step, women’s soccer is getting the popularity they deserve. In Spain there is a great inequality between the teams of both genders. For this reason, and once again betting on… Read more »

Legends and HO Soccer Academy united by the training of goalkeepers

13 January, 2018

Make yourself known as a goalkeeper in Legends. The goalkeepers are an essential part of the team. Without them many times we would throw our hands to our heads. The Legends team does not forget the daily… Read more »

Legends appears on the international press

12 January, 2018

Legends crosses borders to Buenos Aires. With a few months of experience the international press has already echoed the launch of Legends. The new junior player social network arouses curiosity around the world. Last Tuesday, 9th January,… Read more »

Legends and GPS Spain Academy are in the same team

10 January, 2018

Share your experience in Legends. You can only understand the passion and feelings that move soccer if you are with a team. If you have lived or live day to day with that smell of wet grass… Read more »

Legends and the ETTEP academy together for the future of young people

7 January, 2018

Show your talent through Legends. A ball and some friends are all that is needed to play soccer. This year we have taken it with enthusiasm. Legends App has teamed up with the ETTEP Academy of the… Read more »

Legends and ACATEC Academy together by soccer

28 December, 2017

The training of the soccer junior academies of Legends. We all come together when there is a passion, ours is soccer. Last week in December, the team of Legends collaborators created a link with “Academia Técnica… Read more »

In a month, Legends reaches 25.000 downloads

16 December, 2017

Legends is a record in 30 days. Only a month ago the Legends App was born and the new social network already exceeds 25.000 downloads. An extensive network of local collaborators has helped the app viralization…. Read more »

The first Legends appearance on Radio Marca

15 December, 2017

Legends: a success in all media. Not only does Legends appear in newspapers and locals television. Every day the junior team soccer app gets bigger. Now they talk about her on the radio, exactly on “Radio Marca Cantabria”… Read more »

Legends: protagonist in El Mundo newspaper

14 December, 2017

A unique design for an original application, that’s Legends. A month after its launch, Legends continues to capture all eyes. This time it was the turn of “El Mundo” in the local edition of Castellón a day…. Read more »

The new Legends application already has a presence on the small screen

12 December, 2017

A great success in sports television programs. Legends is the new junior teams soccer application. Nowadays is sweeping, this time it has done in two television channels 8tv and Teve4. The quick viralization of the mobile app… Read more »

Legends appears in Mundo Deportivo newspaper for achieving 10.000 downloads

9 December, 2017

Legends protagonist for thousands of downloads. All effort has his reward. It seems to be that Legends is viral in 16 countries in those who were launched initially. Last Wednesday, the 6th December, “Mundo Deportivo” newspaper in… Read more »

La Vanguardia emphasizes 10.000 Legends’s downloads in 3 weeks

8 December, 2017

Legends triumphs again in the digital press. Legends continues a hollow being done in the mass media. Last Wednesday, the 6th December, the newspaper “La Vanguardia” published the summit of Castellón app. In only three weeks… Read more »

Legends´ viralización calls the attention to El Levante newspaper.

5 December, 2017

Legends amazes to the regional press. Only three weeks before the eyes of the consumer it has been those that Legends has needed to occupy the pages of the regional newspapers. Last Friday, the 1 st… Read more »

Legends: Soccer junior team App success from Castellon

3 December, 2017

Legends: The Castellón success of the new world’s first youth soccer network. It seems to be that Legends monopolizes the looks of the regional newspapers. This time has been the shift of “El Periodico Mediterraneo”, from Castellón…. Read more »

Legends reachs 10.000 downloads in only three weeks

1 December, 2017

Legends: an idea born in Castellón, Spain. Only Legends’ app was born for three weeks. The app of soccer junior teams already it has overcome 10.000 downloads. An extensive network of local collaborators has helped the viralización of… Read more »