CD Tonín: a club of values that great players have gone through

14 March, 2018

CD Tonín: A new collaboration for Legends, the app of the moment.

In Legends each of us loves football, but today many people do not associate this sport with passion and hobby. In the current football scenario is synonymous with money. That is why we have to stop for a moment and discover clubs like CD Tonín. This is how this new collaboration of the Legends team and this great club has emerged.

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CD Tonín was founded in 1980 in a very curious way. He was born when some parents came to buy a sports kit for their children. In this trade Antonio Navarro Manzanares “Tonín” started. Which had already terminated his sporting life on the legendary CD Castellón.

Since its creation, in a humble way, it has been an example to follow. Promoting the practice of football among children and young people in our city. We already know that every effort has its reward and as a result of this work has come to compete in the Autonomous League. In addition, twice has been played in the National Youth League.

It is noteworthy that great players such as Mendieta, Oscar Adelantado, Javier Valero, Paco Montañés, Salvador Selva, Roqueta and Alex Felip among others have played for this club.

In addition, all the Tonín CD teams train and play at the Parc Esportiu Gran Vía as locals in Castellón (Spain).

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