Esther Gómez from Levante UD: the footballer joins the Legends app

17 April, 2018

Esther Gomez en Legends App


Every day, women’s soccer is getting more fans and, along the same path, the app of the moment: Legends. Quite an achievement for both. From the Legends team we want to remind you that this is also due to them. Those players who enjoy, leave the skin and live experiences in the field. To reflect this effort, we interviewed Esther Gómez, player of Levante UD Women’s.

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Levante UD is a soccer club of the city of valencia founded in 1909. The “Granotas” play their home games at the Ciutat de València stadium or at the Ciudad Deportiva de Buñol. Levante Unión Deportiva has up to eight women’s teams: Levante UD Women’s, Women’s B, Women’s C, Women’s D, Women’s Under 16, Under 14, Under 13, Under 11 and Women’s Under 9.

Esther Gómez from Levante UD

Esther Gómez Martínez of the Valencian team Levante UD disputes her matches as a left winger in the Women’s D in the 1st Regional.

How would you define yourself as a soccer player?

I think I’m a pretty fast end, I like long balls to go at speed. Also, in the 1 by 1 in the dribble I also win by speed.

How do you see women’s junior teams?

Each time more is spoken, but I still see a lot of difference between the feminine and masculine. Fortunately, today, there are more girls who want to play soccer, but they realize that they can not live on it.

How can we make women’s soccer as important as men’s?

We all have to do our part, our bit. Increasingly, clubs are creating their women’s teams so this generates more competition. So we could get to match this sport regardless of whether it is male or female.

What objective would you like to achieve in your sports career?

I set a goal at the beginning of the season. I would like to play the final phase of the Spanish Championship with the Valencian U-16 National Team. Also, I would like to win the league like the previous year and, of course, become a professional player and play with the Spanish National Team.

As you know Legends is a new social network that allows you to be a speaker for the world of soccer. What do you think about Legends being created for this type of initiative?

Sounds good to me. Besides, I think that thanks to social networks like Legends you can talk more about women’s soccer.

Do you think that it can become a useful app for the players of quarry who want to make themselves known?

Obviously Legends is a total success. Thanks to this you can get to know and meet people with your same hobby / passion.

You have been one of the chosen ones for the Spanish Selection U19. The atmosphere that is breathed when playing against other selections as it is?

Many nerves and eager to go out and give everything.

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