#Girls Power from Futmenina join Legends. Hurrah March 8th! 

8 March, 2018

Woman’s Day: March 8th.

Legends’ Team dedicate this great day to them, the protagonists of Futmenina. Happy women’s day to all of them. But above all to those who every day strive for a more equal sport. Football is a passion and a profession for all equally.

For this reason, from Legends we have started to collaborate with the Futmenina projection. Futmenina was founded in March 2017 at the hands of Jess, Lucia “Grela” and Sara “Uk”. Three friends, former players and teammates of the Women’s Torres from A Coruña. With the aim of disseminating everything related to women’s football. Advise those people who need it and create a community, that’s how our girls are.

In Futmenina you have the sections of “Chronicles” and “News” really interesting. What goal would you like to reach Futmenina?

We would love to be a reference of current news of women’s football. Although our main idea is to give visibility to the discipline and get those interested in this football section to see a source of information. Not only at the current level, but also to record teams, players, characteristics of these. At the end of the day you search the internet for any football player and you can even find out about their hobbies, which is much more difficult for girls. Or chronicles of matches and even videos of elaborate plays or technical watermarks, we would love to be the platform that makes them known.

That’s where Legends comes in too, until the girls do not do too much nor have been taken into account in a base football application like yours.

Among the improvements that the football community needs to give the boost that women’s football deserves, what aspects do you consider most important to consider?

In Spain has been a great help for the remarkable growth of women’s football sponsors. Since the first division changed the name of the audience figures. The number of televised matches or attendance to the fields have been doubled in just two seasons.

It is true that the female sections of the big clubs may not take the same care they should of the entity but they have come a long way. In fact, it has influenced in such a way the budget of the clubs that the lower part of the first division table are held by the only clubs that live on women’s football and that there is no renowned male team behind. There, the Federation should subsidize in some way, otherwise it will become a simile masculine championship.

The other aspect that would have to be improved would be the schedule of the meetings, play at 13 o’clock on a Saturday or a Sunday that ends almost at the time of the snack. Not to mention the schedule champions that we have come to see games at 4 in the afternoon on weekdays.

Women’s football is deservedly enjoying significant growth. How can we get fans to start going to see women’s football more?

Promoting in social networks and TV the matches or including the discipline in debates or sports programs that make people talk, comment, get interested and go knowing the category and the players.

How would you define the current Spanish women’s football?

In full blast. Televisions, base football licenses, investments, press, signings, foreign players who already see Spain as a good landing place, these entire aspects make the panorama is in a constant state of boiling.

How do you see women’s junior teams?

Licenses have increased significantly. In Galicia in the last 4 seasons we have gone from having around 20 teams to around 70. In junior teams we can find Under 9 teams, Under 11 and Under 13 entirely female and competing in the same categories as men. Having references of the absolute league helps a lot to the girls to get hooked on football.

Fortunately, women’s football has come to stay, when will we be able to watch women’s league matches open on national TV?

At the moment, I would almost say that in open and totally free you can see more women’s football than men’s football. Gol TV broadcasts two games per day and regional channels such as Basque, eitb, Aragonese, Aragon TV or Canary television have already opted for the broadcast of women’s football. Also some clubs (Sevilla and Betis for example) broadcast from their web channel when they play at home.

Do you think Legends can become a useful social network for homegrown players and allow them to make themselves known?

I think it can be a good way to establish social relationships between players, clubs or coaches. At the end of the day is a short, fast and that does not generate any cost for those who are interested in making a sweep of players active at the time of signing.

In a league as competitive as the Liga Iberdrola, what makes you stand out from the others?

The intensity of play during the 93 minutes and the control of the stopped ball.

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