Harper Marchant of Glen Eira is the international soccer player of Legends

5 March, 2018

Legends and its international players.

Legends not only interviews national players. This time he has crossed borders and has come to Australia to run into a great player. The mini soccer player Harper Marchant of the Australian team Glen Eira.

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Harper Marchant, our international midfielder for Glen Eira FC, disputes his football matches in the under 15.

How would you define yourself as a soccer player?

I feel like I am a quiet but hardworking player, covering the last three or four players.

What does soccer mean to you?

Soccer is my life. It does not matter if I’m in Australia where soccer is less popular, but I think I’m in England.

What objective would you like to achieve?

I would like to score at least 2 goals, at least 10 assists. And, in every way, I do my job of covering the last four or three players.

How do you feel when you score a goal?

I feel a little guilty because I usually score really good goals, but I prefer to give assists.

Is there a good atmosphere among the players on your team?

We are a team that works hard. So we go ahead and try to achieve another goal.

What do you think of Legends?

I think Legends is a great application to socialize with other players and share your experiences.

Why would you recommend Legends?

Because you can share your experiences with people from all over the world and you can talk all the time.

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