Héctor Escolano from Aspe UD is already in the Legends team

15 April, 2018

Hector Escolano in Legends App

Legends continues to sign the best goalkeepers.

Goalkeepers are a fundamental part of the team and without them we would often throw our hands to our heads. In Legends we do not forget the daily work of all young people who dream of being professional goalkeepers in the future. That is why we interview Héctor Escolano goalkeeper of Aspe UD. Aspe Unión Deportiva is a Alicante football club in the Valencian Community in Spain.

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Héctor Escolano from Aspe UD

Héctor Escolano, our goalkeeper star of Aspe UD, plays his 11th football matches in under 16 category.

How would you define yourself as a footballer?

I define myself as a footballer who does not surrender to any adversity and who tries to push his team even if the result or other setbacks affect the team. Also personally I describe myself as a player who always tries to give the maximum or more, and I try to improve the errors.

What does football mean to you?

For me football, for now, means a hobby and a great stage of my life. Since I have had great moments and I have met people, that nowadays, it is very important for me.

What objective would you like to achieve in your career?

My goal would be to play in the first division and in the club of my dreams, Valencia C.F. Every time I see it harder to reach and it is becoming a wish or fantasy. I would also like to win great competitions like LaLiga, Champions League, La Copa and so on.

How do you feel when you stop a penalty?

When I stop a penalty it is a unique feeling. Something similar when a player hits a goal but with more tension. The penalties are a 50/50 so I take them very calm and I throw myself to the side that I think he will throw it at me. It’s no use being
nervous in a penalty. It is very difficult for a goalkeeper to guess where he is going to execute the pitch.

What is your footballer in which you are reflected?

As a footballer that I see myself reflected, or rather, in the player of the position in which I play and in which I look is Iker Casillas. Both in football and personally.

At Christmas, Easter and summer are times of tournaments. What is the feeling among all the players when you are going to play those tournaments?

Unfortunately my club does not make tournaments with the team categories, but the teams of my people make their own tournament. People sign up with a team that they form themselves, pay and play.

What do you think of Legends?

Legends seems to me an application that gives football junior more life and more importance than many teams or sports institutions give it. In addition, it is a screening opportunity for those players who do not have media outlets due to the
club they belong to.

Women’s football is growing a lot these last years. Do you think that in a few years we will be able to watch mixed football matches?

I believe that it will have the same or more importance. Because very soon all male football matches will be paid and women’s football matches will be televised on “public” television.

My opinion about mixed football is that it would be very difficult, since men and women are biologically very different. One of them is that men have more strength than women. Finally, it would be interesting to see a mixed tournament with the best players.

I also think that the importance of women’s football has to start in schools. From the professional footballers of the masculine football, of the clubs, television and means of communication.

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