Iván Morcillo from Atlético de Madrid plays also in Legends

19 February, 2018

Legends and their young promises.

Legends team has been amazed when they saw the Ivan Morcillo’s player card, Atlético de Madrid player. In this season 2017-2018, the Atletico de Madrid player has scored up to 25 goals and has given 7 assists to his teammates.

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Atlético de Madrid is one of the most recognized clubs in the spanish and international scene. Atletico de Madrid team plays its home games at the Wanda Sports City, formerly known as “Cerro del Espino”.

Iván Morcillo, our star striker of Atlético de Madrid, plays his 7 football matches with U12.

How would you define yourself as a football player?

Well, I think I’m a pretty fast striker who likes long balls to be able to fight the ball with the defender and face the opposing goalkeeper one by one.

What does football mean to you? 

Nowadays, football is everything for me. I am lucky to play in one of the best teams in Spain and I take advantage of every training to improve and
make good matches.

What objective would you like to achieve?

I usually put goals per season. The objective of this year is to be able to have good results in the league and in the tournaments with Atlético de Madrid. In addition, I would like to be able to win the Spanish championship with the Madrid team U-12. Although like every child, I hope one day I will become a professional football player.

How do you feel when you score?

I feel very happy. I think of a goal as a reward for the good work done during training and the help of my teammates.

Is there a good atmosphere among the players on your team? 

Yes, each one is different and that makes us complement each other, besides that we all love football and we help each other to achieve the same goals.

What do you think of Legends?

I discovered the application a long time ago by Instagram. I think it is a complete success, since it is necessary that this type of social football networks exist. Legends allows you to get to know and meet people with the same hobby.

Why would you recommend Legends?

It is an application that I have already recommended to many friends and colleagues. Thus we can meet different players from the rest of the world and see their statistics.

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