J. Consul Sports Management agency echoes Legends

13 February, 2018

Legends and J. Consul Sports Management together for football.

Legends has caught the attention of the representative agency after its 50,000 downloads in the app. J. Consul Sports Management is a representative agency dedicated to the recruitment and advice of players. From the base to professionalism, betting on young values ​​and talent. Currently, they have 14 collaborating agents and 4 of them are dedicated to the international market.

This Tuesday, February 13, the agency representing players has posted on his blog a news about the app. The publication written by Jesus Consul, we can find headed by a headline that says that Legends is the pioneer in this market. It says: “Legends, the first global network App dedicated to football“.

As they explain themselves, the objective of this representation agency is that those people involved in the recruitment are able to “interpret in each moment, what can make a different player worth, a bet and finally an adequate follow-up”.

They emphasize that they have a wide knowledge in all the categories of Spain, emphasizing above all in Under14 and Under18. In addition, J. Consul Sports Management has great knowledge in the amateur, semi-professional and professional categories: “we cover the 3 rd division, 2 nd division and the 1 st division, as well as foreign leagues”.

Download Legends here: