La Vanguardia emphasizes 10.000 Legends’s downloads in 3 weeks

8 December, 2017

Legends triumphs again in the digital press.

Legends continues a hollow being done in the mass media. Last Wednesday, the 6th December, the newspaper “La Vanguardia” published the summit of Castellón app. In only three weeks on the market, Legends overcomes 10.000 downloads.

The news “The social network of football junior teams it achieves 10.000 downloads in three weeks“, elaborated by Javier Cortés it stresses the thousands of downloads reached. The publication does a hollow to itself in the digital edition of the Valencian Community (Spain) due to the fact that the executive committee is from Castellón.

“La Vanguardia” newspaper emphasizes the passion for the football. This love was the origin of a project that wants to join million children. The journalist Cortés stresses Legends’s international vocation: “not only focus in Spain, it operates around the world”. The free App download has lauched in 16 countries of America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

“App has fitted the characteristics of the service depending on the country in question”, makes clear Vicente Traver, coordinator of the application in Europe and Asia. These only characteristics and the extensive network of local collaborators have helped the viralización of the new football app.

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