Legends and DERSgroup togheter for the future of the youngest

7 April, 2018

Legends App

DERSgroup bets on Legends.

Legends does not stop growing thanks to the thousands of people who want to put a “legend” in their life. That personalized player card that awakens the interest of many young people and who do not hesitate to download the app of the moment.

Download Legends, the first football junior team world app: http://bit.ly/LegendsApp

This is how we get attention in the world of football and that is how great people join our project. This is the case of DERSgroup, a group of friends in love with football who have come together in order to help footballers of all kinds. DERSgroup offers its services to both established players and promising young people.

Different people that complement each other. People who move because of the passion of this great sport. They work with humility and a high level of dedication where the business is secondary. “The money, as it comes, goes away, friends stay
forever”, they comment from DERSgroup.

DERSgroup bets on Legends

Download Legends here: