Legends and Joventut Almassora CF together for women’s football

16 January, 2018

Legends shows the players’ talent.

Step by step, women’s football is getting the popularity they deserve. In Spain there is a great inequality between the teams of both genders. For this reason, and once again betting on a football community, Legends joins the Joventut Almassora CF.

At the beginning of the year, the team of Legends collaborators created a link with the Joventut Almassora CF Women. With the aim of enhancing the value of the players. To this day, the team competes in the Second National Women’s Division and is in the highest positions of the table occupying the fourth place. The union is strength, this is how the last matches against great rivals are winning.

Joventut Almassora has a history of five seasons, in all of them he has trained his players both on and off the pitch. Despite his five years, being a young team has not deprived him of success. In only 4 of those years she has managed to raise her women’s teams to 2nd Division and her subsidiary to 1st Regional.

At present, the club has a total of 16 teams in their different categories. Despite its commitment to the training of the youngest, Joventut has a clear objective. The project for the next season is to fight for promotion to the First Women’s Division. In addition to supportingmale football in order to form competitive teams.

Joventut Almassora, who since September is the women of Castellón, plays their home matches at the Campo Boqueras de Almassora. This union between Joventut Almassora and CD Castellón was born in September 2017 for a better projection of women’s football.

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