Legends and Manager Soccer Total reach a collaboration agreement

23 March, 2018

Legends continues growing up thanks to collaborations.

Legends continues betting on the projection of the young promises. The first global network of football junior teams has reached a collaboration agreement with Manager Soccer Total in order to help the players.

Download Legends, the first global football junior teams app: http://bit.ly/LegendsApp

Manager Soccer Total is a group of people looking for level players. In many cases these do not have the opportunity to make the big leap towards top-level categories or big clubs. And this is where Manager Soccer Total takes sides.

Manager Soccer Total

The goal of this group is to help young players fulfill their dreams. Manager Soccer Total also offers its services to professional players in order for them to find the team that best suits their wishes and needs.

MST has contacts with each Spanish team and they have an extensive network of collaborators in practically all the countries of the world (Africa, South America and Europe).

It should be noted that they are moved by a passion: football. And also, from MST they explain that: “it is not money that moves us even though we know that this tool is necessary to continue working”. They emphasize that the feeling towards this sport is inexplicable: “We are moved by the passion for football and the possibility of helping teams and players. This is the reason for our work”.

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