Legends and Palencia International Junior College share a passion

18 March, 2018

Legends was born with a goal in the field.

The first global network football junior teams wants to connect players and clubs. Step by step Legends is getting it.

Download Legends, the first worldwide football junior team app: http://bit.ly/LegendsApp

While the Legends App takes its first steps, the Palencia International Junior College academy plans to download the application. Today, from the academy the app is being  analyzed in training classes for future coaches.

In addition, in the Sports Teaching Center of the Palencia International Junior College, the sports modality of football is studied. It should be noted that this modality is structured in different blocks. They are: common, specific, complementary and practical training. Which, in turn, are organized in training modules.

Also, from Palencia International Junior College emphasize that: “Sports education is the response of the educational system to a growing demand of society for a specific and updated training in physical activity and sport”.

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Download Legends here: