Legends and Sporting de Castelló together for the formation of the children

26 January, 2018

Legends bet on your future, do not hesitate.

It seems that Legends starts the year with the batteries charged and bets on collaborations with soccer clubs. Last Thursday, 25 th January, the Legends team joined the Club Sporting de Castelló in order to support the training of young promises.

Sporting de Castelló Club was founded in 1970 by Mr. José Nadal Marco. Currently, it is registered in the Book of Local Entities non-profit of the city of Castellón. This club is
considered the dean of the youth soccer of Castellón, due to its support to the youngest.

From the board of directors of the Sporting de Castelló stand out that the goal of serving as a school for young people. “Players are trained from the earliest age. They begin in the category cherubs (4 years) until the stage of juvenile age”, they explain.

In addition, the Rules of the Club Sporting de Castelló reflects its personality. “All this is based on effort, camaraderie, respect and sportsmanship. In order to be the benchmark in the province of Castellón serving as an example and leadership among sports clubs in the province”.

The club is also fighting against the harassment in the fields. Therefore, its regulations specify that the players´ parents must meet a series of requirements. “Refrain from using a foul vocabulary or having incorrect attitudes. With the referees, coaches and own and opposite players, parents of both teams. All this will be as much in competitions as in training”.

Since the collaboration of Legends and Sporting de Castelló, the players of the club have downloaded the global junior soccer app and their players update their cards after each
match. A union that bets on the future of young promises.

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