Legends and the SQH Agency together for football junior teams

31 March, 2018

Collaborations continue with Legends.

We continue with good news from Legends team, our network of collaborators does not stop growing every day. The app of the moment has reached an agreement with the Agency of Representation SQH. The objective of this collaboration is to publicize both platforms in order to support the projection of the players.

Download Legends, the first football junior team world app: http://bit.ly/LegendsApp

SQH Agency

The Agency of Representation SQH was created in 2017 as “an agency representing players and coaches”. Its founder, Salvador Quiñonero Hernandez, wants SQH to bet on innovation in the world of representation. The services of this agency are: representation, sports advice, legal advice, labor advice, tax advice, administration, coverage of comprehensive services, communication and image advice.

In addition, from SQH they emphasize that all their services are for all categories, from football junior teams to professionalism. Also, this representation agency has an organizational chart of agents distributed throughout the national territory including collaborations in Europe and South America.

Download Legends here: