Legends and U.S.E America collaborate with the global soccer junior players

27 February, 2018

Carry on with Legends collaborations.

For a soccer players to become a star, he must strive from the beginning, and the beginnings are in soccer junior teams. A lot of mini footballers dream every day to succeed at some time in their professional career and the Legends team does not stop helping them.

To encourage the projection of these young people, Legends and U.S.E America have come together in a collaboration. The latter is dedicated to the management of scholarships for students in the United States.

U.S.E AMERICA is formed by a group of professionals from different disciplines and nationalities. Among those that include Spanish coaches and former professional athletes. These have mostly resided and studied in U.S.A. And they have seen the need that arises from having an academic education as complete as possible after leaving their respective sports careers.

From this group of professionals, they recruit young people with the intention of starting or continuing a university career in U.S.A. Through the academic and sports disciplines students will have the opportunity to get a scholarship to be trained. All this, while practicing their sport in the United States.

U.S.E AMERICA offers the possibility of starting a university career in the United States. They are responsible for presenting Spanish athletes to American university coaches through our extensive network of contacts. University sports teams in the United States need high level athletes with a good academic record.

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