The first Legends appearance on Radio Marca

15 December, 2017

Legends: a success in all media.

Not only does Legends appear in newspapers and locals television. Every day the junior team football app gets bigger. Now they talk about her on the radio, exactly on “Radio Marca Cantabria” 94.2 FM (Spain).

Last Wednesday, 13 th December, Carlos Sánchez and Israel Díaz of the “Radio Marca Cantabria” team (RMC) conducted an interview with Vicente Traver, App coordinator in Europe and Asia.

The 13-minute interview chronicles the creation of the football junior team app. The coordinator of Legends explains to listeners how the idea of ​​this application arises and all the work that is being carried out since its launch. This app was conceived for junior players who want to share experiences and show their talent. The objective is to make a team connecting with their peers or enter the orbit of the scouts.

During the interview reference is made to the easy handling of the app and how it has been taken into account that the app is aimed at a target audience under age. In addition, Traver emphasizes that in the months of January and February a club profile will be launched.

To listen to the interview on “Radio Marca” just click on the video located at the end of the news.

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