Legends appears in Mundo Deportivo newspaper for achieving 10.000 downloads

9 December, 2017

Legends protagonist for thousands of downloads.

All effort has his reward. It seems to be that Legends is viral in 16 countries in those who were launched initially. Last Wednesday, the 6th December, “Mundo Deportivo” newspaper in his digital edition emphasized 10.000 downloads. Thousands downloads have been achieved in only three weeks.

The publication “The social network of soccer junior teams Legends it achieves 10.000 downloads in three weeks”. The news elaborated by the journalist Javier Cortés, heels since in less than one month Legends has woken up the interest of the future stars. As App coordinator explains to EFE Vicente Traver, in Europe and Asia: “some young promises of the principal equipments of Spain, as the Athletic Club or the Barcelona, already have been created a profile”.

App has taken off in countries of America, Europe, Asia and Africa tries to connect the junior teams soccer players. In Legends the legal bases are born in mind, since the majority of users are children. The app does not allow to interact between them directly. The young soccer players can hang his photos and more impressive videos. In addition, they have the possibility of giving and receiving “likes” of his friends and of commenting on other publications or share them. Everything with total transparency and betting for his safety.

“Mundo Deportivo” newspaper emphasizes Legends’ future intentions. Coaches, relatives or friends will allow these clubs, soccer followers, to register and to consolidate a complete community concerning soccer.

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