Legends appears on the international press

12 January, 2018

Legends crosses borders to Buenos Aires.

With a few months of experience the international press has already echoed the launch of Legends. The new junior player social network arouses curiosity around the world. Last Tuesday, 9th January, the newspaper Buenos Aires 2punto0 echoed the success of the app in its digital edition.

The news uncovered curiosity beyond the Spanish borders. Two Argentines, Javier Nasisi and Andrés Gil, participate in the viralization of the app. The publication headed by the headline “Two Argentines are part of the team that created the first soccer network in the world”, the piece manages to capture the spirit of Legends.

Javier Nasisi is in charge of the growth of the network in Argentina. On the other hand, Andrés Gil has that same function in Brazil. The journalist from Buenos Aires 2punto0 highlights the projection of the players in both countries. “Argentina and Brazil are two countries with very good reception of players, clubs and soccer academies”; he says.

From the team of Legends, it is deepened that this application is an idea to promote sports and globalize friendship. In addition, as César Tauste, CEO of Legends, explains, the most important thing is that “we arrived with a lot of humility but also with a tremendous illusion”.

Soccer is a lifestyle and Legends wants players to shine. This is highlighted in Buenos Aires 2punto0: “this network can help them in their goal, or at least they
will have fun in their attempt”.

In addition, the journalist explains the operation of Legends. Each user has its own player card, where you can hang your most spectacular photos and videos. Give and receive supports with “I like”, comment and share the publications. But everything with total transparency and with the protection of the minor users.

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