Legends´ viralización calls the attention to El Levante newspaper.

5 December, 2017

Legends amazes to the regional press.

Only three weeks before the eyes of the consumer it has been those that Legends has needed to occupy the pages of the regional newspapers. Last Friday, the 1 st December, “El Levante” newspaper stressed that the Legends App has 10.000 downloads since his launch.

César Tauste, the director of Legends; Vicente Traver, person in charge of expansion for Europe and Asia; and Jose Sanz, person in charge of expansion for America and Africa.

César Tauste, director de Legends; Vicente Traver, responsable de expansión para Europa y Asia; y José Sanz, responsable de expansión para América y África.

The publication appears under a showy holder “The ‘Linkedin’ of the soccer players“;. “El Levante” emphasizes in that Legends is the first global network of soccer junior teams. The news elaborated by the journalist Yolanda Peris, emphasizes that in less than one month the app appears in the rankings of ‘apps’.

In addition, Peris has could form the aim of the app thanks to the explanation of the executive committee. “Let’s believe this app in order which the teenagers and children feel as professionals with his player’s own player card and match statistics in order that the whole world could see his evolution”, explained from Legends.

The journalist emphasizes the player card as principal axis. A soccer player card which we have placed at least once on our lifes. We have fun ourselves hours and hours with our friends. Legends claim that any child could create his own player card. In this one there will appear his photo and the equipment in which it plays.  For another side of the player card there will appear the statistics, which can be updated after every match.

Every player relies on his own wall that it works as a social network, to do community of progressive form: it can hang photos, videos, give and receive “likes”, to comment and to share the publications, and so on.

Download Legends here: