Legends exceeds 35,000 downloads since its launch

22 January, 2018

Legends is a social network used by more than 35,000 people.

From its release day, 11 th November, Legends captures the eyes of local, national and even international media. This time, Legends has been a protagonist in the Grupo Zeta newspaper. The news published on Saturday, 20 th November, refers to the success of this new social network appears in the section ‘Esport Jove’.

The news in both the print and digital edition under the headline: “International app Legends already has 35,000 users in less than 50 days operation“. Since the writing of “El Periodico Mediterraneo” they have captured the personality of the application and have emphasized the main objective of Legends: to create a community among junior teams players all around the world.

In addition, it stands out as in just 50 days the junior soccer app has achieved more than 35,000 downloads. A great success for the team behind this great idea. Soccer enthusiasts who viralize the application nationally and internationally. In November it was launched in 16 different countries in America, Europe, Asia and Africa and was born with a purpose. “Being the specialized platform for junior soccer”, stand out from the writing of “El Periodico Mediterraneo”.

Throughout the publication reference is made to the success of the app in the media. Communication companies like Radio Marca, Buenos Aires 2.0, El Mundo, La VanguardiaMediterráneo, 8tv and Teve4 where this new global app has appeared. An ingenious idea born in Castellón (Spain) but does not understand borders in the world of soccer.

Each Legends user has its own player card and a wall that functions as a social network. You can upload your most spectacular photos and videos. Give and receive supports with “likes”; or comment and share the publications. All this with total transparency and betting on the safety of minors.

Behind the soccer app is a great management team that projects fundamental values ​​such as friendship. This is what César Tauste, CEO of Legends explains: “It is an idea to promote sports
and globalize friendship. We arrived with a lot of humility but also with a tremendous illusion”.

To read the news published in “El Periodico Mediterraneo”, all you have to do is click here.

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