Legends interviews Quique Martínez coach of UD Aldaia CF

3 April, 2018

The goalkeepers, one of the fundamental pieces of Legends.

The Legends team understands soccer as a way of life. Therefore, not only focuses on interviewing players but also those people who form them and those who learn on a daily basis. It is the turn of Quique Martínez goalkeeper coach at UD Aldaia CF.

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The UD Aldaia CF is a Valencian soccer club that is committed to training young people. The values ​​that represent this football team known as reds are: friendship, game, team, camaraderie, solidarity and commitment. In addition, from the Sports Union Aldaia emphasize that: “your son will play, will form and have fun”.

Quique Martínez is coach of goalkeepers in soccer 7, specifically in the prebenjamín of the UD Aldaia CF.

How would you define yourself as a coach?

I consider myself an authoritarian coach. In my role as coach I like to pass on my knowledge to my players and get the most out of them. Sometimes, I also show my eloquent coach side to give closeness to my players.

What does soccer junior team mean to you?

Soccer in general is not just a sport in which to run behind a ball to exercise. I see soccer as a sport of logic, strategy, physics, cunning, dedication and technique, among others. But above all passion and illusion.

What objective would you like to achieve training?

My goal as a coach, despite the difficulty involved, is to train professional teams. Especially outside of Spain, to know how is this sport in other countries.

How do you feel when your team responds like a clock to your guidelines? 

It satisfies me and I am proud of the attention given by the players. Having a team that heed the instructions I dictate so that the activity is done correctly is something that fills any goalkeeper coach.

How do you think we can get a better atmosphere in the football junior teams fields and avoid hooliganism?

Currently football is more supported and there are more and more problems with radical fans. As for the football junior teams, I believe that they should place a security measure in each sports facility (where a match is to be played). Be it security guards in the stands, police forces or any person authorized to monitor possible altercations.

What do you think of Legends?

I find it a very necessary application for the world of soccer. Currently, most of the information transmitted to us deals with elite professional football, but Legends allows us to know football junior teams. Knowledge of teams with large projects that no other application shows us. My congratulations Legends!

Do you see yourself training and participating in mixed soccer teams?

I really think that a mixed football team has its advantages. The boys on the one hand, stand out for the physique and speed of play and, on the other hand, the girls for their technique and their mastery of the game. It is very interesting the combination of both styles of play, if I would see training a mixed team.

Quique Martínez coach of UD Aldaia CF

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