Legends on Radio Nacional de España RNE

28 January, 2018

Legends with Patricia Costa in Tendencias.

Legends continues to occupy the present in the media. Every day the soccer app in training gets bigger. It no longer only appears in print media and local televisions. Now they talk about Legends in RNE, exactly in Radio5 in “Tendencias” program.

Last Friday, 26 th January, Patricia Costa, editor of the micro-space Tendencias interviewed Vicente Traver, coordinator of Legends in Europe and Asia. The piece is scheduled to air on Tuesday, January 30 on Radio5.

Patricia Costa produces two weekly reports and one of them has been starred by the world app. The space of this writer is dedicated to the analysis of social, economic or cultural changes. With special attention to innovation, entrepreneurship, new technologies and phenomena in the network. Reason why this app has been chosen as the main theme of the report.

Download Legends here: