Legends: protagonist in El Mundo newspaper

14 December, 2017

A unique design for an original application, that’s Legends.

A month after its launch, Legends continues to capture all eyes. This time it was the turn of “El Mundo” in the local edition of Castellón a day. Last Tuesday, 12 th December, the newspaper of Unión Editorial published a report on the new junior teams football app. This publication appeared in both print and digital editions.

“El Mundo” presents an original report that plays with the design of the player cards and the app logo. This dynamic publication produced by “El Mundo Castellón” transmits the entire philosophy of the entire Legends team. Under the headline “The social network of junior teams football”; explains the role of this new application created by entrepreneurs in Castellón.

The country partner of Spain, Guillermo Camba, has explained to “El Mundo Castellón” the day that is being studied to launch the application in more countries. Initially Legends has taken off in 16 countries in America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Camba says that where it is most successful is “in Spain and in South America”.

In addition, the report published in this newspaper highlights that players from the junior teams of First Division teams have already joined Legends. First teams like Barcelona, ​​Atlético de Madrid, Villarreal or Athletic Club Bilbao.

With the aim of growing little by little, in the next update, the football app in training aims to “enable a fan profile that will allow players to follow, and also happiness for clubs”.

To read the news published in El Mundo Castellón, all you have to do is click on the following link: News El Mundo Castellón a day.

Download Legends here: