Legends reaches 50,000 downloads in just three months

12 February, 2018

A feeling, a passion, a lifestyle.

You can not imagine the joy that exists between the Legends team. We have worked like any football team, we have fought together day by day to achieve our goals. And we’re getting it, but all thanks to you. To those who are part of those 50,000 people who already have their player card in Legends.

Legends was launched in the market with the aim of promoting sports and talking only about one of the great passions, football . A lifestyle. The cards of each player are the axis of the app, the junior football players share their experiences and show their talent.

During these three months of dominating the ball, Legends has appeared in the local, national and international media.

It should be noted that Legends has been a protagonist in multiple media such as the Periódico Mediterráneo, Mundo Deportivo, Levante, La Vanguardia, El mundo, Radio Marca. On televisions like 8tv in Fora de Joc and Teve4. And on radios like RTVE or Radio Marca.

An extensive network of local collaborators helps the viralization of the free download app. In Google Play and App Store, in the 16 countries in which it was initially launched.

Legends is a perfect speaker to share the sporting career of a young football player. Also to follow that of his friends and that of his reference players.

Download Legends here: