Legends reachs 10.000 downloads in only three weeks

1 December, 2017

Legends: an idea born in Castellón, Spain.

Only Legends’ app was born for three weeks. The app of soccer junior teams already it has overcome 10.000 downloads. An extensive network of local collaborators has helped the viralización of the app of free download, in Google Play and App Store. Legends has launched in 16 countries: Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain, France, India, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Nigeria, United Kingdom, Russia, Ukraine and USA.

It was founded with the aim to promote the sport and to talk only about one of the big passions, the soccer. Everything has his fruit and thousands of players in formation already have created his own placer card. As we say in Legends we call it, his own “legend”.

The player card is the axis of this app in the one that the players of soccer junior teams they share his experiences and show his talent. After every match, the young soccer players can update his statistics – played matches, gained, goals, assistances, thefts of ball, saves, etc. – and to spread them to connect with his companions or to enter the orbit of the scouts.

Besides the player card, every player relies on his own wall that it works as a social network. With the aim to do a community of progressive form. It can hang his photos and more amazing videos, give and receive supports with “likes”, commenting and sharing the publications. Everything with total transparency and at any time.

Legends is a perfect promotor to share the sports path of a young person soccer player. In addition, it is a form entertained to follow that of your friends and that of your players of reference.

Download Legends here: