Legends returns to the radio, this time in Managers World Soccer

22 February, 2018

Legends continues to gain a foothold in the media.

Legends continues to be present in the MMCC. Every day the soccer app in training gets bigger. The news does not only occupy the spaces of the printed media and local televisions. Legends returns to the radio as he did a couple of weeks ago in RNE. This time it was on the radio program Managers World Soccer.

Managers World Soccer is a national and international soccer radio blog. The main objective is to analyze all the news of the world soccer universe. Founded, produced and presented by Jordi Tarragó. Tarragó and his team analyze every week the soccer news of the best European, South American, North American, Central American, Asian, African and Oceanic leagues.

In this case, Jordi Tarregó and his team interviewed Vicente Traver, our coordinator and head of expansion for Europe and Asia. The 14-minute interview chronicles the creation of the Legends app and its projection. The idea of ​​this App is explained to the listeners. In addition to all the work that is taking place since its launch. Today, the Legends app can be found in up to 8 different languages.

During the interview reference is made to the easy handling of the app and how it has been taken into account that the app is aimed at a target audience under age.

To listen to the Managers World Soccer interview, just click on the video at the end of the news.

Download Legends here: