Legends: Soccer junior team App success from Castellon

3 December, 2017

Legends: The Castellón success of the new world’s first youth soccer network.

It seems to be that Legends monopolizes the looks of the regional newspapers. This time has been the shift of “El Periodico Mediterraneo”, from Castellón. Last Friday, the 1st of December, the newspaper of the “Grupo Zeta” echoed the appearance of the app in one of his pages sports.

The news headed by the holder “The social network of the soccer players” and elaborated by the journalist Jose Luis Lizarraga, has been published in the printed edition. Also it appears in the digital edition as “The social network of the soccer players made in Castellón”. Lizarraga has could form clearly the personality of the App. It has emphasized in Legends’ principal aim: a community creates between the players of soccer junior teams of the whole world.

In addition, stands out Legends’; international vocation for being launched even in 16 countries different from America, Europe, Asia and Africa. In order that any child of the world could have His Legends’s player card designed by him itself”. An ingenious idea born in Castellón but that does not deal on borders with the world of the soccer junior teams.

Every user of Legends relies on his player card and a wall that it works as a social network. The player can hang his photos and more amazing videos. Also it can give and receive supports with “Iikes”; and to comment or to share publications. Everything with total transparency and at any time.

Behind the soccer app there is a great management team that projects the fundamental values as the friendship. This way César Tauste explains it, Legends’ CEO: “It is an idea to promote the sport and to include the friendship. We come with many humility but also with a tremendous illusion”.


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