Our player Iris Domínguez from CF Joventut is a “Legend”

2 March, 2018

Legends and women’s soccer.

Fortunately, women’s soccer is getting the reputation it deserves. Legends that bets on women’s soccer does not stop interviewing great soccer players who are fighting for a passion and this sport. Iris Domínguez from CF Joventut Almassora is one of those interviewed by the Legends team.

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CF Joventut Almassora was born five seasons ago and today competes in the Second National Women’s Division. In addition to training its players this soccer club aims to achieve promotion to the First Division Women.

Since September this team is the female of Castellón. The union between Joventut Almassora and CD Castellón was born with the aim of promoting a better projection of women’s soccer.

Iris Domínguez Martí, our CF midfielder Joventut Almassora, disputes her women’s soccer matches with CF Joventut Almassora ‘A’.

How would you define yourself as a soccer player?

I think I’m a good partner both on the field and as a soccer player, whatever. Also, I would say that I have a good vision of the game and I am smart in the field.

What does soccer mean to you?

It is clear. soccer is everything, it is a passion that can not be explained.

What objective would you like to achieve?

My goal and that of the team for this season is to go up to Joventut Almassora to the First Women’s Division.

How do you feel when you score?

It is a sensation that can not be expressed in words.

Is there a good atmosphere among the players on your team?

The truth is that if. The whole team grew together and we try to help each other.

What do you think of Legends?

This app is a good initiative to promote unknown and especially female soccer.

Why would you recommend Legends?

Especially, because it gives visibility and helps other people to know teams and players that are not so popular.

Download Legends here: