Paula Sánchez another player star in Legends

20 February, 2018

With Legends say yes to women’s football.

Every day women’s football is getting more viewers and like Legends. Quite an achievement for both. But all this is due to them, the players who enjoy and live experiences within the field of play. Paula Sánchez from the CE Sant Gabriel is one of our “legends”.

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CE Sant Gabriel is a football club in the city of San Adrián de Besós (Barcelona). Founded in 1960, it is considered one of the most important training clubs in Catalonia. It should be noted that his women’s team plays in the Womens Second Division, the second highest category in the Spanish women’s football league.

Paula Sánchez Clavijo, disputes her matches with Sant Gabriel in the Second National Division. Our star plays at the top of the Barcelona team.

How would you define yourself as a footballer?

I think that as a footballer I am a hard worker, a companion, a good person and a humble person.

What reasons would you give to prove that women’s football is as important as men’s?

This is a debate that is constantly on everyone’s lips and both are equally important. We feel the sport just like them. We play every day and we do it to enjoy on the pitch, and thus live experiences of the sport that we like: football.

What objective would you like to achieve?

The objectives of a person who is dedicated to this sport are clear. To arrive as professionally as possible as possible, play with the national team, as with any and every player.

How do you see women’s junior teams?

I think they have a great future ahead, little by little women’s football is growing and this benefits us all.

What do you think of Legends?

Legends is a very good mobile application, it is a great platform that bets on the projection of footballers.

Do you think that it can become a useful app for the junior players that want to make known?

Of course. Legends can be useful for those people who want to make themselves known.

What functionality would you like to find in Legends in the future?

I would like that as in your website, in the app there would be news and reports about players and players.

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