Player Natasha Gavilán of RCD Espanyol is already in Legends

5 April, 2018

Natasha Gavilan in Legends

Legends is also women’s soccer.

In Legends we do not stop adding young stars to our soccer junior team. The first junior team soccer App has caught the attention of Natasha Gavilán, player of RCD Espanyol. The blue and white soccer player is on the top of the roof.

Download Legends, the first junior team soccer world app:

RCD Espanyol from Barcelona was founded in 1990 and is one of the oldest soccer clubs in the Spanish League. The club has the first team that plays in the First Division, a subsidiary team, Espanyol ‘B’, twelve junior teams, women’s soccer and a soccer school.

Natasha Gavilán of RCD Espanyol

Natasha Gavilán, our star player of the RCD Espanyol, disputes her soccer “matches 7” in the under 11 Female.

How would you define yourself as a soccer player?

In the field of play I think I have a lot of sight, good passes, dribbling and, besides, I’m very offensive for the band.

What reasons would you give to prove that women’s soccer is as important as men’s?

We are all the same. We make the same effort as men training and we can give the same show. The difference is not fair.

What objective would you like to achieve?

It is clear. I would like to become a professional soccer player. Being able to do what I really like and enjoy at all times. Also, if it’s in my current club better.

How do you see women’s junior teams?

To this day, women’s soccer junior teams is growing and every time girls start playing this sport first. From my point of view, I think I started late. I only played soccer at school and because I was ashamed to go to clubs where there were only children.

What do you think of Legends?

I like the application very much I use other social networks with my mother, like Instagram, this app is just as fun and above is soccer, what I like.

Do you think that it can become a useful app for the players of quarry that want to make known?

The truth is that if. You can show yourself and that way people see what you know how to do. To some it serves us to have fun, but also so that they can follow you and know you as a soccer player.

Download Legends here: