Promises like Nicolás Linares from Ciudad del Fútbol are already in Legends

10 April, 2018

Nicolas Linares

The interviews of the moment in Legends.

Awesome. This is the new signing we have made for our Legends team. But it is still more impressive when that ‘kid’ understands this sport as we understand it in Legends, as a way of life. He is: Nicolás Linares from Ciudad del Fútbol CD.

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The Ciudad del Fútbol CD was founded by the RFEF School of Football after many years of work. This club belonging to the Football Madrid Federation is “a benchmark in the work of football junior player within the Madrid Community and our country”.

Nicolás Linares from Ciudad del Fútbol

Nicolás Linares, our great signing with”leyends”, disputes his matches in Under 12 of Ciudad del Fútbol CD.

How would you define yourself as a footballer?

I am a midfielder who likes to shoot and I think I have a very good vision. Also, I try to do the best for the team in both attack and defense.

What does football mean to you?

Football is part of my life. It is the sport that I practice every day and that helps me to continue evolving as a footballer and as a person.

What objective would you like to achieve in your career?

Learn from day to day to become a professional footballer.

How do you feel when you score?

It is an unforgettable experience. All a pride, since you help your teammates and the team.

What is your footballer in which you see yourself reflected?

Luka Modrić of Real Madrid. It is impressive, a player who brings the team head, value and quality.

With the School of the RFEF you were champions of the Marina Cup 2016. What feelings do you have when you are summoned for those tournaments?

Above all pride and gratitude. Thanks to the School of the RFEF for that gift, since it is a great opportunity. You face other teams and you know new cities.

What do you think of Legends?

Legends is an app that helps you learn more football values ​​and share the happiest moments of this sport. Also, it helps you meet people with the same hobby.

Women’s football is growing a lot these last years. Do you think that in a few years we can see mixed football matches?

Let’s hope so. Many female football players have great skills and can perform at the same level.

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