Rubén López from AD Calasanz joins the app of the moment: Legends

12 March, 2018

Football: a lifestyle.

In Legends we did not stop for a moment and we continued to interview future football stars. We can not express in words the passion that moves football. But we bring you great promises that explain your day to day, as Rubén López from AD Calasanz-Pozuelo.

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The AD Calasanz-Pozuelo was created more than 25 years ago with the objective that the young people of Pozuelo “enjoy doing sports in a serious, competitive and disciplined way”.

Rubén López Caballero, our midfielder from the AD Calasanz-Pozuelo, disputes his football matches in the children’s category.

How would you define yourself as a footballer?

I am a football player that in the field calm match. I do not get nervous and whenever I can I hit him at the door because I have a very good shot.

What does football mean to you?

For me, football is the most important thing I have, after studying. I love playing matches as much as watching them.

What objective would you like to achieve?

I keep playing football, I’m satisfied, it’s clear. But I would love to get to Third Division.

How do you feel when you score?

I feel good because I help the team, but I am a player who did not score many goals. My position is half center, therefore I prefer to give assists to the forwards or to any of my teammates.

What is your football player in which you are reflected?

Toni Kroos, the Real Madrid CF midfielder

When do you think that women’s football will be equated with men’s conditions?

I expect that soon. Now male football players earn millions of euros, in contrast to female players do not charge as much and some have a separate job.

Why would you recommend Legends?

It is a creative application, where you discover other players. I believe that this type of applications are being deconstructed and Legends must exploit it.

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