Sarah Coomson from Women’s Premier League is already in Legends

16 March, 2018

More interviews, more Legends.

Legends continues to bet on its international players. This time it is the turn of a future star who plays in the Women’s Premier League. Impressive to take field.

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Sarah Coomson, from Women's Premier League

Sarah Coomson, Queens Park Rangers Ladies & London international defender, disputes her soccer matches in the Women’s Premier League.

In what position do you perform better in the field?

Mainly I think I feel comfortable as a central defender, that’s where I enjoy the most.

How would you define yourself as a soccer player?

On the pitch I am fast, tough and a natural leader. Essential as a soccer player.

What reasons would you give to prove that womens’ soccer is as important as men’s?

It is unfair that we should fight for equality, we are the same. There is no difference between a man playing soccer and a woman playing soccer. So why is there so much inequality in the same field?

What objective would you like to achieve?

I would like to play with the national team, in America, in a top league or in a European team.

How do you see womens’ soccer junior team?

Slowly increasing in numbers and quality soccer from such a young age.

What do you think of Legends?

Legends is a great application to meet players from all over the world in a small environment based strictly on the idea of ​​those of us who love soccer!

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