Tamará shares his experience as a coach in Legends

13 April, 2018

The Mister and Legends.

The Mister and Legends.

In Legends we continue to interview those people who love soccer, in order to grow and learn a little more each day. The global junior teams app is beginning to interview coaches. From Legends we try that these místers show us a more professional point of view on this sport.

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It is the turn of Luis Vicente Tamará, coach of Under 14 at S.C.D San ​​Blas. The Sports Cultural Society San Blas was founded in 1946 and its main objective since then is to promote the sport, whatever it may be. These Alicante play their home games at the Municipal Sports Center of San Blas.

How would you define yourself as a coach?

Fair, observant and in constant learning.

What does soccer junior team mean to you?

The cradle of soccer, the essence of professional soccer, without it there would be no growth, evolution and training.

What objective would you like to achieve training?

The truth is that there is no fixed goal, there is desire to move forward, grow, learn and in constant evolution, without a glass ceiling. Of course, I would love to be able to dedicate myself to it full-time.

How do you feel when your team responds like a clock to your guidelines?

One always feels good when the kids get ahead the work done during the week, the season, etc. But above all know that in the end that is what is left for them.

How do you think we can get a better atmosphere in the base soccer fields and avoid hooliganism?

The atmosphere in the soccer junior team fields starts from the stands. Normally parents and friends of the players, letting their work to the coaches and trainers.

We would get it by letting the kids play and stick to encouraging them in a positive way and, of course, they have fun too.

Hooliganism starts from professional soccer. Our children repeat what they see, since for many they are their role model. They are the ones who teach us, so we should start eradicating from elite soccer. For our part, we still have to work on the values ​​and provide them with everything that is in our hands, respecting others, whatever the field.

What do you think of Legends?

A great initiative to raise awareness of this part of soccer that, in the end, only remains for a few. Thanks to this we can meet more people in this our passion and more easily to let us know.

Do you see yourself training and participating in mixed matches?

If the time comes and the proposal … Why not? Everything to contribute experience, wisdom and learning is positive.

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