The new Legends application already has a presence on the small screen

12 December, 2017

A great success in sports television programs.

Legends is the new junior teams soccer application. Nowadays is sweeping, this time it has done in two television channels 8tv and Teve4. The quick viralization of the mobile app is catching the attention of the soccer sector. All eyes are on Legends because in three weeks has more than 10,000 downloads.

The first appearance of the app on the small screen has been on 8tv, one of the main television networks in Catalonia (Spain). It has been in “Fora de Joc” program of Aleix Parisé. The sports magazine explained the functionality of the app. Each user can create their own player card where they share and update their statistics daily. Parisé stressed that Legends is the first global soccer network. In addition, he stressed that each user has a wall where promising young people share their videos and more amazing photos.

The second appearance is an interview with Guillermo Camba of Legends Spain on the television channel Teve4, on Sunday, 3 rd December at 5:30 p.m. During the interview, the usefulness of the application for all the players in training was deepened. Each user has his statistics player card, so this app can become a great promotion in his career.

Download Legends here: