Wesley Dual of CF Damm has thousands of followers in Legends

7 February, 2018

Legends and Wesley Dual together for one passion: football.

App Legends´ team has been surprised when it has seen the number of followers that one of its users reaches. We speak about Wesley Dual, CF Damm player, which has almost 1,300 followers.

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The CF Damm is a Spanish football club from Barcelona, ​​exactly from Nou Barris district. This football club was born in 1954 with a single objective: “to train and educate the youth through the practice of the king sport”. In the beginning they had only one youth team, but to this day the CF Damm has approximately 220 players, spread over 13 teams. In addition, they have a junior team football academy in which 120 children are enrolled.

Wesley Dual, our CF Damm star midfielder, plays his matches in football 7 at under 12.

How would you define yourself as a footballer?

I would define myself as an intense footballer, especially that I can play in different positions. When I have the possibility and as soon as I can, I try to score a goal.

What does football mean to you?

For me, this sport is everything, I never tire of it. As I put in my player card from your Legends app: “Football is my life”.

What objective would you like to achieve?

It is very clear. I would like to play at the highest level.

How do you feel when you score?

It’s an amazing feeling, everything is joy. When I frame I am very happy both for me and for my team at Damm FC.

Is there a good atmosphere among the players on your team?

The atmosphere is fantastic, both outside and inside the field. We are friends and we also see ourselves out of football. I will give the best of myself and try to be called more times.

After the effort you have been making during the last seasons, how do you feel to have been pre-selected by the Catalan Under-12 Team?

I feel very happy, the truth is that I like to be taken for it.

What do you think about Legends?

Cool! It is an application that helps you to meet many other players.

Why would you recommend Legends?

I think it’s a good way to see how other players progress, bigger or smaller than you. So you can see how they are achieving their own goals.

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